Nothing new

After years of reading all things educational and some dabbling at writing, I became one of the weekly SecEd’s anonymous Headteacher bloggers.  I have now decided, after twelve years of headship, it is time to ‘come out’, and celebrate my fabulous school.

neil blog shakes

Moreover, after years of shamelessly lifting some of the excellent material so generously provided by key educational influences such as Geoff Barton (@RealGeoffBarton), John Tomsett (@johntomsett), Tom Sherrington (@headteacherguru) and Laura McInerney (@miss_mcinerney), I think it is time for yet another white, British, 50 year old (sorry!) to make a monthly comment on the ‘wacky world’ of education thereby providing me with some much needed reflection and others the opportunity to comment.

To give my blog a title, I have paraphrased Ray, my lovable Geordie ex-NASUWT rep (now retired) who started most meetings with the inevitable challenge: “There’s nothing new in education, Neil, but I won’t stop you dreaming.”!


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